2014: The Seven Year Stitch

Finished Objects, Sweaters

Swirl pulloverSorting projects, then packing them prior to moving reminded me just how long some have been languishing partly done. The sampler blanket I first started working on in 2007 remains two-thirds complete. Some of my mystery objects were given as gifts rather than being photographed and the patterns written up as I’d originally planned.

One of the items I have finished is a swirl pullover. I first saw the pattern on ravelry. I was fascinated by the construction, and the different modifications people had made in their versions. After getting the pdf from patternfish I set to work figuring out my own alterations:

  • v-neck
  • closer fitting
  • sleeves knit in the round
  • add 2-3 inches to the length

Cue several months of *winding balls, knitting, staring at the pattern, staring at my calculations, knitting a bit more*. And repeat from *. My friends and the knitting group who saw me working on it at various stages thought I did more looking at the pattern than anything else!

I’m pretty pleased with the end result. It fits without being too baggy, skimming over curves and is perfect for spring through to early autumn. My version used around 800g of Rowan Summer Tweed, ‘sprig’ colorway.  Sprig is no longer available, but there are very similar shades and it’s now supplied in balls rather than skeins.

The impending move is a new beginning. It will encourage an healthier lifestyle (more walking) and I’m looking forward to spending more time with friends. I have a new job too, so there’s a lot happening!

Next time: I’ll share some photos of all the socks I’ve been making.


Happy holidays


knit noro, available on amazonOnce again, I’ve been indulging my book habit. This time, ‘Knit Noro’ leapt into my amazon basket and demanded to come stay with me. The ‘ridge ripples scarf‘  and  the ‘modular afghan‘ both look fun to make. Before I start them I really should finish the bag I’m working on…

It’s been a long time since I’ve been around. Life intervened and not in a pleasant way. While coping over the last twelve months or so, I rediscovered the knitting bug and started going to a local knitting group, who meet on Wednesdays. They enjoy a good laugh and are always interested in what everyone else is working on.

In case I don’t visit here again before the festivities, ‘happy holidays’ to everyone and a successful 2012 🙂



Happy Spring!


Well it’s a little late for ‘happy new year’  🙂
It’s been a while. Ok, a long while!

During 2009, I completed several pairs of socks, some of which I’ve mentioned here. Towards the end of the year, admittedly partly due to the minor sock obsesssion, I developed RSI in my left arm and the discomfort even now is to the point where I cannot grip sock needles properly or grasp/lift even light objects with that hand. Frustrating!

Only time and rest will heal the problem, leaving me to dream up more of my own patterns and write them out before trying them.

I also discoverered that as long as I’m careful, I can still do other crafts. So, I braved my first big DIY project. First? Well, I don’t count flat-pack furniture or putting beading round laminate flooring 🙂 I brandished jigsaws and drills inexpertly, mangled the pile of wood on the left below and produced the floor to ceiling shelves on the right. They may be uneven, but they’re sturdy!

DSC02116  DSC02160

Over the next months, when life doesn’t intervene, I’m hoping to talk more about knitting again. We’ll see. Right now, I’m off to correct several hundred broken links on a website then go home and clear up the sawdust storm…


Toe-up Sam and spiral stripes


Have returned to working on my version of Sam by Cookie A  after many distractions, the intervention of life and the completion of at least 4 other pairs of socks. (Erm, more on those later.) Given that the colinette jitterbug yarn definitely does _not_ have enough in the skein to complete two socks, I’ve added in a second color for the leg section, which almost tones in. Decided to experiment with spiral stripes at the same time…



I’ve been trying to install interwritePRS onto a usb stick for a mac. The first attempt’s still going half an hour later… And I’ve to do the same for use on a pc, and  get both variations to use the same data directory, and test on classroom pcs and train people  and write procedures and and and.

Ok, stress bunny moment over. Breathing deeply and thinking of the barbecue this weekend 🙂  Last time I was at my friend’s we were going to have a photo session and get pictures taken of all the socks I’ve made so far this year. The weather went and drowned that idea. So second attempt this Saturday.