Resolutions 2007


I decided this year that it was about time I started knitting again, along with the usual ideas about getting fitter of course!

Several years have passed since I’ve picked up needles with any seriousness. This was brought home to me when two friends asked me to show them how to knit. ‘No problem’ I thought… Actually it’s a lot trickier demonstrating to complete beginners than I expected, and one of them is serious about learning.

I figured that explaining things better would come with practising more myself , so I made a plan:

  • A sampler blanket – each square showing a different stitch or technique – I’ll use the squares to practice ideas before going on to each larger project.
  • A matching scarf and hat in Noro Sumile yarn – turquoise/purple/brown – this’ll be the first time I’ve worked with chenille.
  • Pair of fingerless gloves – never made these before.
  • Replacement hat in Noro Yoroi – I didn’t take felting into account when I made the first one 2 years ago.
  • Pomatomous socks and gloves – I love the pattern!
  • A scarf to a pattern that I dream up.

The general idea is to help my friends more and get these finished by xmas at the latest – I knit slooowly! Although hopefully this might change:)


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