Wavy Scarf


I picked up some Noro Sumile chenille – I just loved the colours and the feel of the yarn! The ‘Wavy Scarf‘ pattern on Knitty.com was perfect for it. The ribs stand out pretty well against the random colour changes.

I tweaked things a bit, because I wanted a wider scarf. I cast on 54 stitches rather than the 42 in the pattern. The two extra repeats along with the slightly thicker yarn has made the scarf roughly 8-9 inches wide. I’m also going to need at least 250g (5 skeins) to achieve the 6 foot length, although it will probably take fewer rows to get there.

The pattern doesn’t mention blocking, but I’ll probably do it once the scarf’s finished, just to even out any width variations. My tension does seems to be a little random, partly because it’s the first time I’ve used chenille. I am finding that the yarn doesn’t move smoothly against itself when it’s pulled through the stitch I’ve just done. Not a big surprise 🙂


This is the scarf just under half finished. I’m actually about 3 fifths through now.


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