Wavy Hat

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When I decided to do the wavy scarf I thought it would be good to have a matching hat. At first it seemed like a good idea to use the same stitch pattern as the scarf. However, once I’d done a couple of repeats of the scarf, I realised that the pattern wouldn’t be as well defined if I used it on the hat. It would be stretched out more sideways when worn, which would mean the ribs would flatten out becoming less visible. Also, if I made the hat large enough so the pattern wouldn’t be stretched, the hat would blow off in the teensiest gust of wind – not really useful! So the search for inspiration began.

I found several ideas that I liked, and I’ve fallen in love with the concept of a spiral hat, but that’s another story. The highlights of the search are:

  • Odessa by Grumperina – the spiral decrease looks perfect! At some point I will definitely try this pattern. Right now am managing to resist – how long will this last?
  • Will Pillage For Yarn: One Skein Noro On A Budget Spiral Rib Hat – simple pattern, nice and easy to follow, useful inspiration for my wavy hat.
  • Noro hat – I like it and it’ll probably become a christmas present for a friend. At this point I was getting seriously sidetracked…
  • Ribbed caps by Judy Gibson – good pictures and explanation of 2×2 and 1×1 rib straight decrease.

I now have enough ideas that I’ve come up with my own pattern that ‘waves’ and doesn’t spiral. Can’t wait to cast on!


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