Serious? Not here!


Sometimes it occurs to me that I’m not a serious knitter. Then I think ‘what on earth is a serious knitter anyway?’  Just random thoughts…

I’ve always admired folk who seem to knit at a speed where the needles are a permanent blur, and the end product is an item that deserves to be in a magasine, book or fashion show.  They seem to knit all the time, and their ideas are fantastic! I guess I think of them as dedicated, or ‘serious knitters’.

In contrast, my attempts feel like the stumbling first steps of a complete beginner, even though they might not be.  I don’t knit all the time, like everyday.  I’m certainly not focused – I may see a yarn and fall in love with the colour or texture – that’s when I’ll knit. Or perhaps I’ve had an idea for a style of garment that just isn’t available in the high street, and there’s no other way to get it but make it myself. Or, there’s the endless supply of fantastic patterns on the web, and I’ve certainly succumbed to a few of those too!   I love getting tangled up in new techniques, playing with different yarns and producing fun garments along the way.


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