Blanket squares 1 – 10


blanket squaresThe first 10 “squares” for the blanket have finally seen a camera. Actually only one of them is a true square, but hey square is quicker to say than diamond!

I like that all these aren’t uniform shapes, as it’ll make it a lot more fun working out how to join em up in the end.

  1. Reversible cable on a seed/moss stitch background, with the odd colour change thrown in.
  2. First attempt at closed cables , on a stockinette background – huge holes near the turns on the small loop. I tried to turn too much in one go. When I ran out of red, I played with short rows as I finished the thing off in garter stitch.
  3. Plain garter stitch square, starting with one or two stitches on the needle, increasing once at the start of each row. This is the only true square.
  4. Started in flagon stitch with purple yarn, finishing off in garter stitch.
  5. Finished off the b&w yarn from 4, and completed the square in a basket weave stitch: (R1=K2P2, R2=P2K2, R3=R1, R4=R1, R5=R2, R6=R1 and so on)
  6. Garter stitch background, free-form rib with crossed stitches. The centre column also contains dropped stitches.
  7. Not very interesting this one – is first ever attempt at knitting left handed. At various points, I got bored so attempted crossed stitches, cables and short rows too.
  8. Little bit more of the same, this time with attempts at the stitch from the lizard ridge blanket and more dropped stitches that turned out like a helix.
  9. Stockinette square, starting from 3 st on the needle, increasing at the start and end of each row. The diamonds along the centre line are formed by a single repeat of lattice stitch.
  10. Shell stitch and knitting backwards. I really goofed on in the increase/decrease thing with this one. It ended up as a parallelogram, not even a diamond. I kept forgetting I was doing a garter stitch border, but only when I was working the side nearest my right hand. oops.

One thought on “Blanket squares 1 – 10

  1. I really enjoy your blog which I found today in searching for a blog on blanket squares.Unfortunately I don’t have a scanner.
    I have started a blanket project for relaxation and mine is in blue, green, lavender and white hues.
    I decided to use Aussi Wool since I really like the feel of that yarn and am using smaller #6 needles rather than the larger ones.
    As for patterns, I see some really interesting ones here in your squares. Mine are just simple ones as I go along..the usual basket weave, boxed seed stitch, trinity, blackberry stitch,shawl stitch, etc. I started it with the intent of working on a ‘Relaxation” project. And I do find it more relaxing to keep the patterns simple, rather than complicated and intricate..

    One thing which I find daunting is the sewing together . So many of the
    sampler blankets I have seen are wrecked with the bad , sloppy sewing.
    What are you planning on for sewing together, and what color(s) will you use? Are you going to overcast?

    By the way.. I have a spiritual blog and add links on my Blogroll to sites I like to visit. It has just been up this week since I transferred from Blogger and deleted the old one, so we are growing again. Would you mind if I added your Blog to my blogroll?

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