Back on track


The gloves are working. yay! 🙂

After the mess the first time, I thought about what was happening with the magic loop and being an impatient thing, I switched methods and tried to cast both of them on on 2 circulars instead. Checking for laddersNot something I’ve ever done before – it worked first time out. Ok, getting the stitches set up to start with was slightly fiddly and the first few rows were like juggling two snakes and a ball of string, but now it seems to be going smoothly.

I checked for ladders at the joins, even going to the lengths of stretching the cuff over an empty kitchen roll tube. If there are any gappy bits they are very slight. So, now it’s time to push on and do the same amount of cuff again before going onto the thumb insets.

The yarn I’m using is a lovely soft 4ply 57% merino wool – RYC Cashsoft 4 Ply in loganberry. I am finding that it’s getting fluffier in patches as I work. Probably being a little heavy handed.


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