Gloves – cast off

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Finally! All the fingers are done.

When I cast off the pinkies, I was not happy with the way a ‘step’ had appeared in that row. Given the way knitting in the round works, I shouldn’t have been surprised. Given my best knitting books are in storage, cue a brief search on the web…

After checking a couple of sites, which described the same solution, I discovered She had posted about just such a problem a few days ago along with a very well explained work-around. The pictures she provided were large and clear, making her instructions the easiest to follow.

Result – the rest of the fingers worked brilliantly. 🙂 Now all I need to do is weave in the 12+ ends that are currently dangling free.


One thought on “Gloves – cast off

  1. I’ve only made three fingers in my life. I salute anyone who’s made more. Well done! I’m looking forward to the pictures…

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