Finished Objects, Gloves

Finished gloves

Lookin’ good for a first effort, and the colours in the pic are reasonably close. I’ve put them aside for a friend’s birthday present. She loves purple and really likes how soft these felt when she saw me working on them. (She thinks I made ’em for me.)

  • Pattern: Broad Street Mittens by Janice Cortese
  • Yarn: 1 x 50g ball, RYC Cashsoft 4-ply, loganberry (00430)
  • Needles: 2 x 40cm 3.25 mm circulars – knitting on 2 circulars.
  • Finished measurements: slightly smaller than the pattern gauge
  • New technique attempted: knitting on 2 circulars – switched to this when the magic loop was a bit of a failure.

I had fun weaving in all the ends. There were so many! I also had to sew up gaps between some of the fingers where I didn’t quite pick up the stitches right. There were a couple of fingers with no gaps, so I must have been getting things right at least part of the time.

Tension – the pattern was 28 stitches per inch, and I ended up with 30 stitches per inch. I do knit too tightly. This was a lucky break, because otherwise the gloves would have been huge. The pattern did say they were a large size, but I didn’t believe it. A large in ladies gloves… well, normally I’ve found that it isn’t!

Mitten-top – yep, I didn’t make it. Didn’t particularly want to, and I used most of the 50g ball making the gloves themselves.

Next time

The current pair are too long in the palm section but a perfect width. If I was making them for me from the same yarn, I’d work an extra 5 rows of the rib, then move straight from the increase row to starting the thumb gusset (missing out the knit 4 round even instruction). This would help make the palm section fit better. My hands are a medium to largish size but with very square palms.

Oh yes, I would actually work up a tension square too! Especially if I swapped yarns.

Casting off fingers – I’m quite happy with the way these worked after I found the solution to the uneven finish. I’d like to try an invisible cast-off to see if that makes the edge less obvious.

Definitely pleased with these 🙂


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