Thankyou :)



Yesterday, I got home and found a packet had arrived from my sp. Yay!
There’s a couple of skeins of yarn, some lovely chocolate, stitch markers and a cute tea towel printed with egg-cups.

The yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours, and it’s so soft. I’m sure I ended up staring at it for quite a while 🙂 The band’s off one of the skeins in the photo, because I just couldn’t resist opening it out.
Already having ideas – would felting be best or should I knit or should I even spin it out a little? Hmm.. most inspiration is happening with felting and that’s something new to try. (Deliberately that is) I definitely want to preserve the softness. What do you think?

The stitch markers are going to be so handy for the next project – I’m going to try the pomatomus socks.

Thankyou so much. This was a great surprise:)


2 thoughts on “Thankyou :)

  1. I thought of you the second I saw the yarn/wool. I think it has every colour you had mentioned as your favourites, so it was an easy choice… I hope it’ll make you happy!

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