Moebius Scarf

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Moebius scarf

Here’s one I finished earlier, in December 2006.
I’m sending it off to the 2007 Made by Hand project.

  • Pattern: none really. I was experimenting.
  • Yarn: 100g ball turquoise dk, scraps of teal dk, both acrylic; not my favourite yarn, but practical depending on where the scarf ends up.
  • Finished measurements: 34″/85cm circumference, 8-10″ wide, both approx.
  • Needles: 80cm, 4mm circular.
  • New technique attempted: Moebius cast on.

I’ve always been fascinated by moebius strips, and love the Escher drawings which incorporate them, e.g “Swans” or “Moebius Strip II”. (I have a book of Escher prints somewhere…) When I came across various websites which contain instructions for knitting moebius scarfs I just had to give it a try.

I used steps 1-3 of Linda’s Instructions for casting on, then winged it. The first 3 rounds were garter stitch, followed by 15 rounds of 5×5 basket weave (k5p5 to end of round). I finished up the straight knitting with 12 rounds of seed stitch. At this point, I was getting bored and the scarf was getting quite wide, so I did 3 rows where I increased in every 3rd stitch to produce a ruffle. I’d been reading about knitted hyperbolic space, you see. Finally, to add a bit of contrast, I cast off using scraps of teal boucle.

I hope the person who ends up with the scarf likes it! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Moebius Scarf

  1. That moebius is SO cool! I’ve seen others and never been interested in knitting one. Yours is the first that I’ve seen that I would want to make. Too bad you don’t have a pattern to share. Yours is the best I’ve seen by far!!!!

  2. What a fun looking scarf! I like how you’ve shown the many different ways that it could be worn – and I’m with bobbi – wish you had a pattern of sorts. Now I might have to play 🙂

  3. Thanks! I’m glad folks like it. I was thinking of making another one but in different colours, so I’ll actually write the pattern out as I go along.

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