Lizard Ridge Hat Finished

Finished Objects, Hats, Lizard Ridge

Lizard Ridge Hat

I’m so pleased with how this turned out. A friend has said that all I need now is a snowboard…

  • Pattern: ‘Lizard Ridge Hat‘ – mine. Uses a mirrored version of the short row pattern from the Lizard Ridge afghan by Laura Aylor.
  • Yarn: MC – Noro Kureyon, shade 51 lot P, 50 grams (1 skein)
    CC – Solid colour, russety red pure wool, less than 50grams, the same gauge as the kureyon.
  • Needles: one 80cm 4.5mm circular – using magic loop method.
  • Finished measurements: 22-23″ / 55-57.5cm circumference, fitting up to 23-24″ head.
  • New technique attempted: pattern charts – they really helped me understand how the short row pattern worked.

The crown was the tricky bit. Originally, I had been aiming for a kind of flower shape, with what are now points being petals. When I realised that wasn’t quite happening, I frogged it and tried a different set of decreases which emphasised the last short row pattern worked in CC. I realise now that I may need to use an intarsia or fair-isle technique if I want the flower petals the next time I work with this idea.

hmm, I spot another hat on the horizon… And I’m still waiting for the pomatomus sock/glove yarn.


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