Swatches, needles and tension issues

Pomatomus, Socks

The yarn finally turned up for the socks – yay! 🙂 It’s jojoland melody, which is very slightly lighter weight than the yarn used in the pomatomus pattern. I worked up a couple of swatches using 3.25 and 2.75 circulars, trying out the new bamboo needles along the way.

I found that the 2.75 mm needles produced the closest result, but there is no way that 32 st = 48 rows when I’m knitting with this yarn. It’s more like 32 st = 40 rows before washing. After both swatches were washed at 95, stitch width over 10cm was virtually identical but the row count was one less… They grew! How?! See, I still don’t get why some wools behave like that!

The bamboo needles seem to stop me casting on as tightly as I prefer to normally. Not a bad thing for socks. I also have the feeling that I knit a bit more loosely with them. Do I like them? Not sure yet – wait til I’ve finished the socks on them…


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