New Books


New booksThe 1000 knitting patterns book arrived a few days ago from japan. It contains 700 knitting patterns and 300 crochet patterns. There are some gorgeous cables! I can’t read the instructions, but each symbol used in the charts is clearly explained in a key at the start of the knitting or crochet section, along with step by step diagrams of how to make the stitch(es).

The 3rd Barbara Walker treasury arrived shortly afterwards, and that too has some fantastic cables in it. As I’ll be working swatches anyway to add to the pile of squares for the blanket, I signed up for the Walker Treasury Project. This way, the samples’ll serve a double purpose.

Interestingly enough, there is at least one if not more visually identical patterns depicted in both volumes. The most obvious is the ‘ribbed spindle’. One with subtle differences – ‘garlands with pendants ‘. In the treasury, the cables are on a reverse stockinette background, whereas in 1000 patterns, they are on stripes of reverse stockinette and seed/moss stitch. It is interesting seeing the different way the charts are presented in the two books.


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