Designs Upon a Shawl

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The last couple of evenings have been spent partying, with Friday being a small wedding reception. So today is recovery and really not doing much. Ok, so I say not much, but I’ve been looking at shawls and thinking about my SP’s question about whether I’d consider knitting lace, and I think I may have found a concept I like…

The shoalwater shawl. This is a basic triangular piece knit from the top down. I then started playing around with it. I started thinking about changing it to a semi circle to lose the point, and so the increases wouldn’t be concentrated in 3 areas. I found the old shale tablecloth which is worked from the centre outwards, and thought it could be adapted to suit. Reconsidering, I’ve found shawls slip too easily when I try wearing them, so I started looking at other shapes. This turned up various images and comments about faroese shawls, which frankly intrigue me a lot! There’s even some basic notes on how to make them out there. However, it isn’t clear whether they should be worked top-down or bottom-up or whether the shoulders are shaped in the center of the triangles or along the outer edge . Last but by no means least, there’s also a cross between a stole and triangle idea in the pacific waves shawl.

Lots of shapes and decisions to make! If I go ahead with this, it’ll be next year sometime. Talk about organisation! The common theme is the pattern, so I’d better make a swatch or several with the help of the knitting fiends maths to see if I like it as much in real life…


2 thoughts on “Designs Upon a Shawl

  1. Myrna Stahman’s your woman for top down Faroese shawls. If you can get hold of a copy of the Knitter’s Magazine Shawls compilation there’s one of her patterns in there. I’m wearing the result as I type. It stays on well even if I don’t knot it behind (which I tend to since I don’t want the points dragging in stuff while I stumble around getting my first cup of tea of the day). The shaping’s near the top of the triangles BTW.

  2. Thankyou 🙂 I’ll check her stuff out. And it’s good to know this style of shawl does work.

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