‘Exercise pill’ and lack of coffee


I was watching the news this morning with the first cup of coffee of the day before going out, and they were talking about a ‘breakthrough’ pill that kids the body’s cells into burning fat even when not exercising. Sounds great, but as the report says it’s still in early stages, like they’ve only released results about testing on mice so far. This means it could be anything up to ten years or maybe more before the thing has a chance of being licensed for humans. After that it has to get past the quangos that decide what the health service are allowed to prescribe, or the insurance companies that decide what their policies cover. This is a post that gives a bit more detail on the research:  ‘Exercise pill’ switches on gene that tells cells to burn fat « Biosingularity 

And my favourite coffee shop is shut from tomorrow for a refit… Went in there today on the way to work. Ok, ok there are other coffee shops in town but I’m a creature of habit 😉  Mondays seriously need a big kick start.


One thought on “‘Exercise pill’ and lack of coffee

  1. I’m glad you pointed out that “It’s in the early stages”. The article is a great conversation piece, however, it isn’t accurate and their intentions are to sell articles.

    Not to mention mice have different fat cells than humans.

    Great post!


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