Down side, Up side

Pomatomus, Socks

I turned the first altered pomatomus heel! wahay! 🙂
Down side – I tried the sock on and like many other folk, I found it is way too stretched out. The pattern almost looks like diamonds in fact, all because I have chunky legs. Actually, a medic told me once that they look like a male hockey player’s legs. [Ok, I played hockey for the school team many moons ago, but I ain’t a bloke.] hmm.
But I digress. I messed up the set up row with too many yarn overs. I didn’t notice that before! The heel has a few gaps, and I’m concerned about the size of the gaps from the yarn overs in the general pattern. I refuse to frog this. I’m going to do my best to make the second one with less mistakes, and darn the unintentional gaps in this one.

Up side – I understand the pattern well enough to enlarge the repeat for the same size yarn, allowing for a wider sock to be produced. The repeats would be wider and longer, meaning for the same sock length, you’d need to work fewer repeats – depending on gauge of course.


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