Travelling Abroad

About, Swaps

“With the weather turning warmer, many of you are thinking of traveling (though some of you have just returned, you can play along). 1) What do you pack to knit? and 2) What do you hope to shop for?

Assume that you will be gone for ten days to someplace “foreign” that is known for having great knitting locations. (Bonus: Where would you go on a “knitting holiday”?)”

I was starting to think about holidays too 🙂 Here goes:

1) What do you pack to knit?

Small current projects – ones that I’ve already gotten to know. This way I don’t have to concentrate as much or muck about with charts constantly.
I’d carry the project on waste yarn, separate from the needles, just in case any security staff decide to inspect my bags. Also, given the UK restrictions on sharp objects on planes I’d probably have a spare set of needles in hold luggage. (It’s entirely possible that _any_ needles may be confiscated if they’re found in carry-on bags. Although somtimes security apparently turn a blind eye to wooden/bamboo needles, this behaviour isn’t guaranteed.)

2) What do you hope to shop for?

Yarns and patterns that I wouldn’t be able to get at home.

3) Where would you go on a “knitting holiday”?

That’s easy! Iceland or the Faroe Isles. Both have fantastic scenery, with some fun walking possibilities and great chances to take interesting photos. Their knitting traditions are ones that I’d like to learn more about and there’d be plenty of opportunity to pick up local patterns and yarns. I’m not sure which I’d choose first, because I have a friend who lives and works in Iceland, but the Faroes are slightly easier to get to.


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