Houses, knitting and today

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This week’s been wierd. Tuesday I had a chat with someone about finding a place of my own. (I rent a room and there are times it drives me INSANE!) I’ve always thought that I couldn’t afford to buy in the town I live in. They pointed out that it might be worth going to see one or two places to figure out what features I’d be prepared to live without in a first property. They also said that it’s a good idea to involve a lawyer very early on, like before you even say to a vendor that you’re interested in a property, and (rather obviously) that I may only be able to afford a flat. So, on the spur of the moment, I booked two viewings for today.

Then I thought a little. There was a lawyer/solicitor still in town that I had consulted several years ago, so I rang em. Late Friday afternoon, the first surprise was that they said actually I was in a good position to buy. After an hour and a half of discussion, I ‘hired’ the person, had a fair idea of what’s involved in the buying process, had two other people to contact about mortgages/insurance, and arranged two more viewings for today.

My head was spinning! I walked home yesterday thinking ‘**** I have a lawyer!’ It’s not something I’d seen myself do, let alone even have a hope of buying a house. Three of the places I’m going to see are houses not flats.

In between every thing else, I finished the pomatomus socks and cast on with the charcoal linen my SP sent me 🙂 More about these later. Oh yes, the second SP packet arrived downstream last week. This time I had added things that normally I wouldn’t send without knowing a person really well. She loved everything 🙂


But now, I need to find coffee and write a list of questions to ask the realtor/estate agents at the viewings. I have two friends going along with me, and you know, I think my head’s still spinning…


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