Regroup before midsummer

About, Resolutions

Houses – the owners have kept the place I made an offer for on the open market. Cue sealed bid system, and the fact that it’ll now go for at least 20% and more like 30 – 40% over the asking price. At this point I have to withdraw – if I did make another offer, and I won, I wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgage, bills and then eat at the end of the day. Disappointed? yes 😦 Something else will come up though.

And now returning to knitting; I thought I’d look back at what I’d decided to try ‘n make this year and sort out what’s still waiting.

In Progress
  • A sampler blanket – this is progressing slowly, and it may well be the end of next year before it gets sewn/knit together.
  • Extra projects that insisted they were next!
    • linen scrim/neckwarmer/hat to be made from the charcoal linen my SP sent me – have been swatching/frogging already; hope to finish it by June 22nd or thereabouts. More on this soon.
    • MO-1 , I need to make a second taking photos of all the stages and then write up the pattern (by 1st wk in July) – it’s even got a proper name now .
  • A scarf to a pattern that I dream up – I figured out the pattern some time ago, and it should take a month of on/off knitting to complete. All I need to do is actually cast on!
Waiting to be started
  • Replacement hat in Noro Yoroi – been putting this off – don’t want to waste yoroi on swatches, but I have to to find out how much it shrinks by when knitted with 3 different needle sizes. I wouldn’t be so concerned except the yarn is discontinued and difficult to find these days.
  • Pomatomous gloves – I’ve now got a good idea how to increase/decrease in pattern, so I’ll be looking back at my swatches soon and working out the number of stitches I need to cast on.
  • Extra projects that snuck in along the way:
    • Small shawl from the gorgeous wine/burgundy laceweight my SP sent me. This may be a simple allover openwork piece, with an attempt to hide the increases in the pattern.
    • Felting project, incorporating some of the yarn/roving my SP sent in the first packet.
    • Toddler lizard ridge hat – for christmas for my friend’s 2 year old (3 next month)
    • ‘Opera’ fingerless gloves for a friend who works from home. She likes bamboo fibre so I tracked some yarn down for her.
    • Second moebius scarf, this time writing the pattern down as I go along.

The list has definitely expanded a fair bit! 😉


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