Knitting Fonts


June has been a quiet month for writing – I’ve been busy!! And not necessarily with fun stuff. Having said that, I am going to be taking photos of my latest finished project tonight, and hopefully writing up the pattern too.

While thinking about pattern charts, I started considering creating a font to make things easier when laying the chart out in MS Excel. Then I thought ‘hang on’ someone must have done this already, and after a quick google search, yep. They have 🙂

These’ll save me time, at least to start with.  I have no illusions about my skill level when ‘designing’ knitwear – definitely beginner!


One thought on “Knitting Fonts

  1. Thanks for the tip! I always prefer charts to written instructions, especially when it comes to lace and cables and stuff like that, and the books I’ve bought recently (like Vogue Stitchionary and Knitting on the Edge) only have written instructions. That font thing is just great!

    And from one thing to another, I hope (and think) you’ll get your last parcel before the weekend…

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