Distracted by Socks..


I had great plans… I was going to work on MO1 again after finishing Chameleon, and write up the pattern. Then I started knitting swatches for wtp, and now?

Well, I was lookin around at what other folk had been up to, and was rather taken by Grumperina’s version of ‘fish-net knee highs’. Was also surprised to see that a so-called technical editor seemed to think they knew the stitch pattern better than the designer (Joan M), with the result that the version in the book didn’t work.  Luckily a solution was forthcoming. What does this mean for anyone submitting their designs? How do they stop some complete stranger from altering the pattern, and quite possibly messing it up?  Hmm.

Not quite being able to justify buying yet another book just for one pattern even if it is flawed, I started searching for a similar pattern, and found Lolita Toes. They’re ankle socks with a 4 row fishnet pattern, and I think I have just the yarn waiting in my stash  🙂


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