Blanket Squares 34-35


The Spider The Turtle

Wanting to experiment a bit, I looked through Barbara Walker’s 3rd treasury for a couple of charts that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Both “The Spider” and “The Turtle” had looked rather daunting before I did all the swatches for the Walker Treasury Project. After another look at the two charts and because I hadn’t tried it in more years than I care to remember, I thought I’d try knitting them in several colours for an added challenge.

I was pleasantly surprised by how the 2 colour spider turned out. The yarnovers for the eyes don’t show up very well because I think my stranding is a little tight in that area. Actually, that’s the only area where there is stranding, so maybe that’s why it worked ok 😉 The legs of the spider are formed from 4 different lengths of yarn and the body from a fifth, so I could avoid stranding as much as possible! I tweaked the chart in only a couple of places, using a different method to “cross” stitches, to allow the colour changes to be made smoothly without any jagged lines.

On the turtle chart, I found it quite tricky to interpret where the edges of the turtle actually were when it came to colour changes, and this meant I made quite a few mistakes! (Oh yes, stranding is too tight again!) I also encountered the jagged line problem fairly quickly. As I was working in 3 colours instead of 2, I didn’t quite figure out how to compensate for it. I have an idea that should work when I have another go. I will knit the turtle again. I really like the way the shell turned out smoothly domed, and I think it would be kinda fun to have a few of them dancing around the blanket 🙂


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