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House SocksHave you ever made an accidental yarn purchase?

Out with some friends, exploring a small coastal town, someone says “we’ll just pop in here..”, and you enter a little yarn shop. At first, you are struck by the amount of pastels and white acrylic baby yarn, cottons, then the small cache of pastel bamboo yarn.

Wondering aimlessly while your friends look more avidly at the stock, you finally notice the smaller set of shelves at the back of the shop – giant balls of aran yarn! Not pastel, but still acrylic… Then, nearby, you almost trip over a large circular wire basket, full of a mix of part balls of wool. Someone says these are free to any takers, so you root through the mass of yarn just in case.

You find gold! Or in this case red, gold and green. You’ve picked out an almost full ball of chunky yarn made up of three loosely spun singles twisted together. Each single is one of the three colours. For some reason you just have to have it, so you let the owner know you’d like to take it, and she then points you to another basket round the corner, where there are end-of-line balls going for 50 pence each. Right near the top, you find the fellow of the ball you are already holding. You have enough for a project!


House SocksThat’s how I found the yarn for my house socks.

When I got the yarn back to the place where I was staying, I put it aside to finish the project I had with me. Then, at a loose end and with the rest of the weekend ahead of me I looked again at the accidental yarn purchase. A hat could happen, or a skinny scarf, or … Socks! Yep, that was it. That was the only idea that made sense. Ok, what needles? 8mm? Bah! I only had 5mm with me, so after a little math gymnastics and with no pattern (and no internet access to find one) I cast on.

On the Monday, I returned home and got the camera out. I’d finished one sock, completed most of the cuff of the second and was amused by the way they stood up on their own.

Later that week, I finished the second sock and tried them on.

House Socks House Socks

These are fantastic for wandering about the house. (They won’t fit into any of the shoes or boots I have.) They’re going to keep toes toasty this winter, and believe me, Scotland gets cold!


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