Holiday Round-up

Mystery Objects, Socks

The last weekend before I go back to work… I’m going to a barbecue today, celebrating a friend’s birthday and then Sunday’s going to be sorting a few things out for next week, and (hopefully) relaxing afterwards.

I’ve also realised I hadn’t mentioned some of the knitting I’ve been doing over the last few weeks. oops!

House SocksSocks, yep I know – mentioned the house socks already. Hadn’t said I’d uploaded the pattern though! I finished writing it up yesterday evening, after rather too much time making my shorthand version more understandable. Check it out here, and see what you think.

Toe socks. Never thought I’d be crazy enough to try these, but after making the fingerless gloves earlier this year, I thought ‘why not?’. Here I present – the toes 🙂

Toe-up Toe Socks

They’re all strung together on one piece of waste yarn, starting at 1 pinkie going up to the big toes and back down to the other pinkie. This should make it easier to get the order right when I string ’em all onto the 2 circulars ready to join together and work the foot. Unfortunately, I broke the bamboo needles I was using when I started a second set of toes for another pair of socks. I think I’ve been bitten by a sock bug…

While I waited for the new needles to arrive, I ended up making a whole load of other stuff. I worked on my secret projects. The mystery scarf finally happened last week, has been blocked and is drying as we speak. I’ve also made two more versions of MO-1, so I’m absolutely certain of the pattern now.

The new bamboo needles arrived the other day, so it’s back to toe socks soon 🙂


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