House hunting reprise

About, Socks

Another weekend, two more flats viewed and a couple of backups identified just in case. Am somewhat out of sorts and have been for the last few days. I now have to be out of my current place by the end of November, so the pressure’s on.

Adept at salesOf the two places I looked round on Saturday, one is in a ‘move-in’ state with a particularly nice bathroom with was fitted 6 months ago. Downside is the kitchen is tiny and the room sizes are a wee bit smaller than the other one, and there are less of them. There was a cute little cat showing me and a friend round the kitchen and living room. Apparently, he was meant to be shy round strangers – not that day!

The other flat is above a pub, has several bus-stops outside, no double-glazing, the ‘decoration’ was done by a **** amateur, there’s damp in at least one of the rooms and some of the floors may need work. This is despite the place having been done up to be sold. The advantage of this place is there are 3 more rooms than the first flat, and much more potential for adding value. Hmm.

I am putting in an offer on one of them, but I’m still ‘havering‘.

Toe-up toe socks - checking fitOn Sunday, I continued the toe socks, finishing joining the toes together and starting on the foot section. I’m trying to mirror the pattern, but I think it’s going to turn out different on each foot. Also, my tension seems to have eased, so they’re getting a little baggy. Not too worried at this stage, but was surprised that two sets of 2.25mm needles from the same manufacturer do seem to be slightly different sizes. At least the assymetrical shaping seems to be working 🙂


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