Toe-up Toe socks

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Toe socks

  • Pattern: ‘Lilly-Mint’ – mine. There are a few issues with the pattern, so won’t be writing it up this time round.
  • Yarn: Patons 4ply cotton, colour = jade.
  • Needles: 2 x 40cm (for the toes) and 2 x 80cm 2.25mm bamboo circulars.
  • Finished measurements: fits a female US size 9w, UK 7/8, eu 41.

Another first – toe-up toe socks πŸ™‚ And a pair of very happy feet inside ’em!

The concept was to make a pair of toe socks where the toes weren’t too tight, and were long enough. I also wanted ‘fish-net’ socks like those I found a while back, but with the net just on the top of the foot and cuff. Just as a final twist, I wanted to mirror the direction the net ‘spiralled’ on each sock, and create an assymetrical transition between the stockinette and fishnet.

Toe socksI was pleased when I tried them on. The toes fit comfortably without being too loose; they also fit lengthwise, with the exception of the piggy toe (a bit long). Just off the needles, the socks were slightly too long overall, with the main part of the foot and cuff being too wide as well. I remedied this by throwing em in the washing machine at 95ΒΊ C, followed by 40 mins in the dryer on high. They shrank by about an inch in length – more than I’d hoped for. Luckily, the fibres relaxed in wearing, so the socks now fit comfortably lengthwise, but they’re still too wide around the cuff. Moral of the story – cotton ribbing and net doesn’t spring back into shape.

The assymetrical shaping between the stockinette and fishnet worked quite well, although I’ve now thought of a better way of doing it that may produce a better point. I tried to mirror the direction of the spiral in the netting, but ended up with two different nets that both look straightish on the top of the foot and spiral anti-clockwise in the cuff – oops! πŸ™‚ Need to work on that a bit more.

Toe socks - heel detail

So, for next time – swatch the netting til I find two mirror images, try alternate shaping, make the piggy toe shorter and maybe a couple of stitches narrower, work the heel over more stitches, use slightly fewer stitches for the top of the foot and the cuff (stretch the net a bit more) , and carry shirring elastic on the wrong side when working the cuff.

That sounds like a lot of changes… Hey, I still like em! They were an experiment, and I think I may be hooked on knitting toe socks now πŸ™‚

The final triumph is the short row heels. Look ma, no holes!


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