House hunting – bleah!

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Am no further forward in getting a place. Unfortunately, I may lose one of the options today because they’re gonna start remarketing it. My favourite may turn out to need too much work done, so what’s a person to do?

Le Tricot en 300 pointsBeing somewhat frazzled these last few days, haven’t felt like doing much knitting and last night I took a different approach to distracting myself from house worries. I picked up this book from a couple of months or so ago, because I fell in love with one of the cables in it. Now, apparently it’s translated from english but I checked and there isn’t an english version available. Cue fun ‘n’ frolics trying to read a pattern in abbreviated french knitting terms!

‘Le Tricot en 300 points’ (300 knitting stitches) is the best presented book I have found in terms of pictures and layout. The stitch samples are presented still on the needles, with complementary plain backgrounds. The focus is therefore still very much on the stitch, but with the camera further away so you get a better overall feel for how it will look in a garment. You can still see the pattern clearly, and the corresponding instructions are always on the facing page.

The patterns covered in this book are not all original by any stretch of the imagination – a number of them are available elsewhere. In the odd case, the same stitch can be found in the Barbara Walker treasuries, ‘1000 knitting stitches’ ( a Japanese knitting book), and in stitch dictionaries that predate any of these collections. With this in mind, if you have any of the other books, you may not need this one, but I for one simply had to have it! I can imagine using several of the stitches in one garment, and if I want to show someone what a particular stitch looks like, this is the book I’d turn to first. And then there’s that cable, that I simply have to try out…


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