Houses, Mortgages, packing and just a little knitting…


In principle I have a house. There is however, the wait for all the bits of paperwork which the current owners still haven’t supplied, organising an electrician and gas person to check the systems before handing over money, jumping through irritating hoops for life insurance, and last but most importantly waiting to see just how long the mortgage company will take to cough up the money. Like I said, in principle I have a house…

In anticipation of the move, I have started buying kitchen stuff and packing up existing cookware. It feels far too early to be doing this, but I haven’t booked time off for the move yet, because there’s no guarantee it’ll happen on the right day (mortgage). So, bit by bit my current possessions are ending up in boxes.

While this has been happening, I have completed a neck warmer from a Garnstudio pattern and made a matching earwarmer band. Have also made a start on the cable swatch from the book I was raving about recently. Everything else has stalled, including my grand plans to write up, photograph and submit a couple of patterns I’ve been working on over the last few months. Oh well, in the new year perhaps 🙂


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