About, Finished Objects


  • Pattern: ‘Doily style dishcloth’, designer unknown, plus my alterations – see below.
  • Yarn: Jaeger Aqua cotton dk, shae 304 lot 2915079.
  • Needles: 1 x 40cm 4mm metal circular.
  • Finished measurements: 14in diameter.

The ‘nesting’ instinct has taken over. I know I’m going to have to move soon, whether it’s to my new house (if everything goes ok) or to a temporary place. Part of me wants to make stuff just for the new place, which I can pack up with the rest of the things going in boxes. And actually packing some boxes might be a good plan – I kinda stopped when the buying process seemed to have stalled…

Anyway, I convinced myself not to make curtains, ‘cos I don’t know the ‘drop’ measurements. That left me with a pattern I’ve been eyeing up for a while – a doily style dishcloth. I liked the simplicity of the pattern.

I tinkered with the instructions, once I was part way through. I thought it was going to end up too small, so I added 2 rounds to each of the 2 main pattern sections, and about 8 rounds of netting after the main pattern ended and before the purl round. Finally, I added a crochet hanging loop. Blocked, it’s 14 inches across, but when it’s been through the wash it’s a perfect size for a facecloth.


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