Moving Date still not set

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Hemlock ring blanket

I’ve been to look at the new place, and I’d forgotten how small it was.  The ceilings are low enough that I don’t have to stretch on tippy toe to reach them.  It _is_ all mine though!

I’ve had an electrician look at it, and the bad news is that there is work to be done before I even move in. The sellers have *****red the electrics in the kitchen and bathroom, with 3 identifiable fire hazards, and 2 potential electrocution hazards. You’d think that these things would be obvious to a buyer, but no, because it’s all hidden stuff or knowing exactly what to look for. grump! 

The sellers are being awkward, their lawyer not answering calls etc, and previously claiming that they wouldn’t compensate any electrical deficiency because I’d got the place ‘cut price’. Cut price aside they _are_ liable if there are major faults with the electrics. Oh and another thing, they haven’t handed over all the keys, and they’ve stolen the shed which was part of the sale!  I’d had plans to turn that into a little potting shed 😦

On the other hand, I have started the hemlock ring blanket by brooklyntweed which I found via ravelry. It’s a _lot_ further on than the picture at the top of the post, and looks like its turning into a bell shape. As it is in an acrylic/wool blend, need to transfer it to a longer needle before I can be sure that it will avoid the frog pond…


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