Holidays, or not


Haven’t been posting for a while, with various house badness happening, organising workmen to fix stuff and trying to prepare for the holidays.

I’ve cut the rant about the house – is too depressing/annoying.
Rapidly changing the subject, I have actually been knitting – a lot!

I’ve created a shrug type garment with no seams. I need to redo the ‘collar’ because it didn’t quite lie flat. Putting that aside for a bit, I’ve started on a scarf in chunky yarn. Instant gratification anyone? 🙂  I’ll soon be creating a giant ball of yarn from the hemlock ring blanket, ready  for another try at it. Basically, the yarn I’m using doesn’t block, so need to compensate for that.

Will add photos when I have a spare moment.
Tomorrow is a day for going to a diy store – eek!


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