2007 review


2007, a mixed year that’s had a few surprises, not least of which was buying the house! Taking a break from the seemingly endless white priming and undercoating, I thought about the more pleasant experiences I had this year.

I discovered that I like designing and writing up knitting patterns, when I tried it for the first time earlier in the year. After a couple more attempts, I found that while it tripled the time I took on a project and the maths was hairy at times I really enjoyed the process. So much so that I’m going to keep on doing it and with any luck produce something good enough to submit to online magazines.

There are three techniques which I learned this year that I now wouldn’t be without:

  1. Magic loop/2 circulars – gone is the second sock/sleeve/glove syndrome!
  2. Cabling without a cable needle – it really does speed things up, and you can do even complex patterns with it. I used the technique in all the cable samples I did for the walker treasury project.
  3. Russian Join – the neatest way to join yarns I’ve found yet. It really does blend in, and works well in wool type yarns and synthetic yarns designed to behave like wool.

The list of things I had planned to make took on a life of its own. I haven’t done some stuff and tons of other things crept in. I kept being inspired by the fantastic projects I found online 🙂 These are the items I’ve finished and written up. Everything else has become part of the plan for 2008.

  • A matching scarf and hat in Noro Sumile yarn – ok I realised they wouldn’t work matched but close enough!
  • Pair of fingerless gloves given to a friend for christmas.
  • Pomatomus socks given to a friend because they fit her better than me.
  • Extra projects that snuck in:

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