2008 – Year of the Sock


Well… Mainly! There are a ton of other projects I’d like to do that outnumber them, but socks are top of the list, especially since I have enough yarn for 12 different pairs now 🙂

  • Socks: I’ve found tons of sock patterns, and thought of one or two more, so I’d like to try and make at least 6 pairs of socks this year, including ‘millicent’ and ‘thelonius’ from Cookie A.
  • Sampler blanket: started last year and maybe a third done. Would like to see this complete by xmas 2008.
  • Replacement hat in Noro Yoroi: I chickened out of this last year. Having issues with swatching a yarn that I can’t get more of. No more. It _will_ be done.
  • ‘Opera’ fingerless gloves for a friend who works from home.
  • Pomatomus: I made the socks (and baby socks) now it’s time for the gloves.
  • A scarf to a pattern that I dream up: the main knitting is done. All that needs to happen now is attach a backing and write up the pattern.
  • Write-ups, where I’ve made the piece but not written the pattern/post etc:
    • MO-3,MO-2, MO-1: projects I’d like to submit the patterns for. I need to write up the patterns.
    • Neckwarmer and hat made from Ull Flame from Lin.
    • baby pomatomus socks – write up the resizing instructions and baby sock pattern as a demo.
  • Small shawl from the gorgeous wine/burgundy laceweight my SP sent me.
  • Pomatomus toe socks/anklets – these little ones snuck in after I finished my first pair of toe socks.
  • Felting project, incorporating some of the yarn/roving my SP sent me.
  • Second moebius scarf, this time writing the pattern down as I go along.
  • Double knit scarf or hat
  • Shadow knit scarf
  • Angband/Rogue sweater
  • Faroese style shawl
  • Hemlock ring blanket – remake with number of repeats suitable for synthetic yarn that doesn’t block.

Longer list than last year – some of the items are small, but even so here’s to knitting faster…


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