Giving in to Fate…

Lizard Ridge, Socks

I have one and a bit repeats done on the lizard ridge socks, after much swearing, ripping and redoing! 

I had made a swatch (in the round) and had managed 6 st and 8 rows to the inch on 3.5mm needles with ordinary kureyon. When it came to actually working the socks however, it was obvious that my tension had slackened. Somewhat frustrating, as I had a plan.

Out the window with it! In with the new, and finally giving into the fact that I _would_ have to resize the st pattern. Cue using excel again. Instead of writing the row 4 instructions of the lizard ridge repeat all on one line, I put each instruction in its own row with the relevant number of st in a column beside it. I then set up formulae to calculate the instructions for working the lizard ridge pattern over 10, 12, 16, 18 and 20 st wide repeats as compared to the original 14 st wide.  10 st just doesn’t work, and 12 st  may produce a ‘bump’ that’s too pointy, which means the stockinette rows in between would also need to be altered so that the whole piece can lay flat more easily. Not that a sock is flat, but you know what I mean!  

I’m going to refine the resizing instructions and get them up sometime next week , in between packing, decorating and everything else 🙂


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