Joining yarn


While I was working on the lizard ridge socks, my thoughts turned to how to join the yarn at the colour changes.  I discovered the ‘russian join’ last year, and have been using it quite happily ever since. However, while working on the socks, two of the joins turned out particularly bulky because they happened at the same time as the yarn becoming quite thick for a bit. 

Then I remembered a throw away comment in one of the lace knitting books by Marianne Kinzel, about ‘how all accomplished knitters know to splice yarn, but average knitters can use a knot and weave in ends’. On my meanderings round t’internet, I stumbled across the Purlwise blog where Melinda describes how to splice wool yarns very clearly. I’ll now be trying splicing out on the next few joins in the socks.


One thought on “Joining yarn

  1. Average knitters? Ouch… I guess I’ll have to start splicing, I wouldn’t want to be considered an average knitter… Thanks for the link, it did clarify the whole business!

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