DIY has taken over my life!


I swear I can’t see the end of it. I’ve been painting for the last four days solid, with help from some great friends on two of those days.

Still. not. finished.

I’m hoping another four day weekend’ll do the trick. (But that does include laying floor edging, cladding an ex-fireplace, converting a server hatch into a little cupboard, putting up curtain rails and wardrobe fitments, as well as (deep breath) painting said added woodwork (twice at least), painting the upper hall, recoating the lower hall, varnishing some bits of floor, and touching up the ceiling and skirting boards where I managed to splat the pristine white with various bits of colour.    erk!  Actually writing that out has made me realise that _maybe_ I could do with drafting some more help…

And in between all the prep work on the house, I’ve been in contact with solicitors (yep that hasn’t been solved) and knitting. I’m pretty sure that I’d be even more insane if I hadn’t been distracting myself with some little projects.

Actually so far this month, I’ve finished my friend’s ‘opera’ gloves, the lizard ridge socks and a ‘snowboarder hat’. I’m currently working on a pair of cabled socks from Knitty. Of  course, actually sitting down and taking the time to write about these has gone completely out of the window. Just now, all bets are off as to when I’ll get the chance to get up to date!


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