Old Yoroi Hat – lost


Old Yoroi Hat

Lost, seemingly gone forever. 

I was late for a meeting and accidentally left it in Costas. As soon as I realised I went back to get it. No luck. I checked again this morning, as suggested by the staff there, and still no hat.  And what is worse, a sanctimonious customer saying ‘oh well, you should look to your own things’ when she heard me asking the folk behind the counter to keep an eye out for it. Like she’d never lost anything, and then looked for it!

Yes, it was ‘only a hat’, but I made it, wore it all the time and had plans for it being converted into something else. It is unique. There isn’t another one like it in town. Should make it easy to spot if the selfish person who lifted it is stupid enough to wear it here.

Luckily, I have the yarn to make another one, but I still want this one back 😦


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