Kaylee Anklets

Finished Objects, Socks


My first attempt at tabi socks, albeit accidentally! The anklets are pretty sturdy, so they’ll stand up well to the abuse they’ll get from me walking around outside in them with no shoes.

  • Pattern: Kaylee, by Gigi Silva/Monkey Toes.
  • Yarn: about 50g (1/2 ball) generic acrylic dk, blues/greens.
  • Needles: 2 x 80cm 2.5mm metal circular.
  • Finished measurements: 10.25in foot length.
  • Gauge: 7.5 to 8st to 4in/10cm in stockinette.

The socks started out as normal toe-up socks.  In order to stick to the specified st count I used dk yarn on 2.5mm needles. I started with a normal wedge toe, 2 at a time; when I’d finished the foot, I realised I’d goofed and made ‘em at least an inch too short. aargh!

Cue an experiment: I finished the ankles shorter than planned with 10 rounds stockinette to produce a rolled cuff. Went back to the toes and unravelled em to a couple of rows before the main pattern started. I added the extra length in stockinette – was not going to figure out how to do the st pattern upside down! Once I was reasonably certain they were long enough, I started the pre-shaping for tabi socks (guesswork). Then, I put the big toe stitches onto waste yarn, worked the four-toe section as an asymmetric wedge toe, then worked the big toes.

To cap it all, I had a complete brain-fuzz moment and forgot how to kitchener. I looked up the info for knit grafting in the ‘knitters handbook’, followed montse stanley’s instructions and ended up with a perl graft instead. I did look at the right section too.

Next time:

  • I’ll check the length of the foot more often and my gauge before doing the heel!
  • Will also write out the toe shaping, so it can be repeated.
  • Will add stitches into the pattern so that it isn’t pulled so tight horizontally.

One thought on “Kaylee Anklets

  1. Umm…hi! I found your blog while looking for a photo of a stitch pattern on the Barbara Walker Treasury project and noticed you had done some Kaylees. They were my first pair of socks ever and I really like the pattern. Your variation looks super cute and I love the yarn. I’d love to know how you did the toes!

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