SP12: question of the week


Our lovely sp12 hostess asked us to post answers to this question:

Whats your favorite summer time drink?

It would have to be something cool and refreshing!

Celebrating with friends or lounging around in hot sun – half n half orange juice and lemonade hits the spot.  Take a pint glass (568ml) filled with ice, pour in fresh orange juice to half way and top up with lemonade.

Similarly, I’m particularly fond of ‘liquid sunshine’ as my mother calls it.  Still haven’t found a supplier here. ‘Fernandes’ Trinidadian black label rum is a unexpectedly light gold in color and really smooth! My favourite: take a double shot, pour into a half pint glass (280ml) and top up with ginger beer – ice optional.  In these proportions, the rum subtley accentuates the ginger beer without tasting ‘alcoholic’.  🙂


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