Rogues’ Gallery

Pomatomus, Socks

Rogues' GalleryThese are the three sock projects I’m currently working on, or avoiding 😉

Top of the picture: the first completed spiral boot sock, in mystery 2ply cotton held double. It stops just short of the wide bit of the calf. Knee high socks in a gauge of 10 or 11 st per inch didn’t appeal. Just below it you can see the second sock languishing at half way to the gusset increases. 

The stripy pair to the right of the second sock are a set of toe-up ‘Pomatomus’ in Tofutsies ‘stand on your own 2 feet’. They’re based on a repeat of 14 st instead of 12. I’m currently trying to decide when to start the gusset increases on these, as they are turning out a lot tighter than I’d hoped, and I may need to work in a set of increases over the arch/instep as well.

Last but by no means least, in the bottom left of the picture lie the pair of toe-up ‘Spring Forward’. They elbowed their way onto the needles last Friday. I’d just discovered the new Knitty, and the kureyon sock yarn had been calling again from its not-so-secret hiding place. I’m about to turn the heel and work the flap, so these are positively racing along 🙂


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