Blanket Squares 37 – 44


In the spirit of experiments and a determination to get this blanket done, I made another few squares. They are all from ‘Charted Knitting Designs’, so they are also on the Walker Treasury Project  🙂  I have an idea for the centre, but am still swatching that.

p29 Acanthus Leaf Acanthus Leaf

p55 Triple-Twist LaceTriple-Twist Lace

p54 Egg and Dart FriezeEgg and Dart Frieze

p250 Honeycomb LaceHoneycomb Lace

p250 Little Honeycomb LaceLittle Honeycomb Lace

p252 Delayed-Decrease Eyelet MeshDelayed-Decrease Eyelet Mesh

p20 Windblown Leaf BorderWindblown Leaf Border

p252 Open Basketweave MeshOpen Basketweave Mesh


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