SP12 question of the week 2


As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

Actually, hmm. Ok, not so much a ‘look forward to’ but a fond memory.

Some of the summers when I was between 5 and 11 were _really_ hot, by this country’s standards anyway. Sunspots or something. Anycase, when it was too hot even to think straight let alone sleep, I used to sit up with my grandparents playing cardgames: gin rummy, pelmanism (think that’s how it’s spelled), poker, whist. You name it, we probably played it – sometimes til 3 in the morning. Those were relaxed times, and I admit it. I liked winning:)  Sometimes we played for pennies, well they were heavier than matchsticks! I remember the night air, warm, very little breeze, black as anything after the streetlights went out. The quiet occasionally broken by an insomniac bird or the scuffle of a hedgehog that used to visit our backgarden.


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