I may be distracted for a bit


This has not been a good week. I’ve been flooded out of my house. Currently I’m staying with a friend who’s been an absolute star.
Wednesday morning just gone, I was woken up by the police knocking on the door at 7am. They were telling folk in the area to get stuff upstairs if they could and then get out as quickly as possible. 15 mins later, I was wading through thigh high water to join the occupants of at least 8 other houses from the same street on dry ground. As we stood watching and the water level rose even further, people were forced to abandon their cars. The (ahem) ‘enlightened individual’ with the landrover had deliberately driven past the police vans which were trying to block access to the affected area, only to discover that their vehicle couldn’t cope with half a river up its exhaust pipe.

My friend came and rescued me from the police station where all the residents had been taken. Hugs from her and huge smiles cuddles and raspberries from her four year old daughter lightened the mood somewhat:)  She’s letting me stay til the house is declared dry and the electrics/gas have been certified safe.  The specialists are coming to set up the drying equipment tomorrow and the loss adjustors have already been.

Here’s hoping for no rain for at least a week, and the floors to be replaced quickly (and I’d like a pony).
Also, apologies all round if I end up doing things later than I said I would. I’m afraid my mind’s elsewhere just now.


2 thoughts on “I may be distracted for a bit

  1. Oh no, that is awful. I hope your house dries out soon. Don’t even think about moving back in with the drying equipment in there, they are the noisest thing in the world – I was flooded (by my upstairs neighbours cold water pipe whilst I was away for Christmas) so can appreciate what you are going through at the moment.

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