Toe-up Millicent


MillicentThis whole flooding business has turned my brain to noodles and curtailed quite a lot of activities. I did however manage to get my camera, a wip and my computer in the same place at the same time.

I started this pair of Millicent socks the day I started staying at my friend’s place. They’re currently at the ‘heel turn’ stage, and I’d like to think that I’d be working on the legs by the end of the weekend.

Next week, I hope to have a little more to offer in the knitting line. Just now, I’m resourcing some things for my downstream SP. The ones I’d already bought I can’t now send because they’ve been in the house that is currently playing host to 3 industrial dehumidifiers and 4 fans running at full pelt.


One thought on “Toe-up Millicent

  1. Hello,

    Lovely socks, the colour is fantastic. You parcel is so very nearly ready to be sent. Hopefully next week some time. Have a lovely weekend. Hope the house is nearly dry.

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