Summer’s gone

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The last couple of days have really felt autumnal – you know the feeling? Students starting to arrive back at university,  final course preparation (or training those who teach), the crisp scent of colder air and a feeling that you should really dig out those woollies you made earlier in the year.

These are a couple of things I finished some point in the summer – a pair of toe-up ‘Spring forward’ anklets with a dutch/square heel and a pair of mittens using the same stitch pattern. Both from the same ball of yarn 🙂

Spring Type
Spring forwardSpring forward

Housewise – weeellll, it’s officially dry… Personally, I ain’t convinced. The dehumidifiers had full tanks when they took em away this Monday, but supposedly the meter readings were alright. To be fair, the units didn’t beep lots or do the ‘off the scale’ continuous tone like they did at the start.
Now comes the ‘fun’ part of juggling contractors, insurers, allowing access to the house and oooh a 9 to 5 job where I have to be on site in term time.

Anyone know where I can find a time machine or an infinite source of valium?  😉


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