WTP and sampler blanket


The Walker Treasury Project is back!
The WTP,  is ‘ a pooling of efforts to illustrate in color all five of the Walker treasuries’.  The project was founded back in January 2007 by Nicole Hindes of allbuttonedup. So far we have illustrated nearly 300 swatches from the five books, which include the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th ‘Treasuries’ as well as ‘Mosaic Knitting’.

The WTP was revitalised when two new moderators joined the ranks, vjicha and veiland (ravelry ids). Veiland created a new swatch claiming system and wrote the associated ‘how to pages’. Vjicha has the swatch bug! She’s contributed a lot of swatches  in the last month, as well as helping populate the swatch claiming database with unclaimed swatch data and sanity checking my rewrites of the ‘about’, ‘photo tips’  and ‘rules’ pages amongst others. 

All the moderators are really psyched to see the project taking off again. If you want to get involved, head over to ‘how to join the project’ and get started 🙂

Meanwhile I’ll leave you all with  a picture of the latest swatches I’ve done for the WTP and my sampler blanket. They’ll be up on the WTP blog in the next couple of days.



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