Happy New Year


Sampler Blanket Squares 45 – 59

It’s been a busy few months. The renovation work on my house is finally done, so I’ve moved back in. There’s the constant task of cleaning plaster dust off everything, but that should (I hope) be less of an issue by March.  I cope by knitting swatches…

In the course of cleaning everything, I rediscovered the rest of the ‘squares’ for my sampler blanket – the neverending UFO. I’ve actually started piecing it together. yay!  On the other hand, I keep looking through ‘Charted Knitting Designs’ and finding more patterns to try.  These are the latest:

IMGP2776 Fronds

long loop I  Long Loop I

heart strings  Heart Strings

rabbit ears  Rabbit Ears

ear of corn  Ear of Corn

celtic flourish  Celtic Flourish

Mirror Cable  Mirror Cable

Pod Pattern  Pod Pattern

Spot-Pattern Twist  Spot Pattern Twist

Fancy Vine  Fancy Vine

Curlicue  Curlicue

Little Twist Honeycomb  Little Twist Honeycomb

IMGP2778  Bootlacing Cable

IMGP2770  Nubby Stitch

IMGP2773  Four Lobed Escutcheon


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