Not Calorimetry

Finished Objects, Hats, Scarves


  • Pattern: none, I just cast on 86 sts and went for it.
  • Yarn: mystery leftovers from stash, high wool content, aran/worsted weight.
  • Needles: 1 x 80cm 4mm metal circular.
  • Finished measurements: 21in long or thereabouts.

I had a load of leftover bits of yarn, about 20g worth, from different projects that I just couldn’t bear to part with. Calorimetry was a pattern that I’d looked at in the past and never got round to trying. Guess what? I still haven’t tried it 🙂

I cast on 86 st (I think), worked 6 to 8 rows of 2×2 rib, then did several short rows til I had maybe 46 ‘live’ stitches. Rather than than working the short rows on the way back out again, I just knit straight across the lot and worked the rib across all 86 sts for another 6 to 8 rows – until I ran out of yarn. 

The piece ended up with an assymetric shape, which works well. The tighter cast on edge holds the band in place when it’s used as an earwarmer and the looser edge allows it to ‘flare’ up under the chin when it’s worn as a neck warmer.  It fits perfectly just inside the collar of the fleece I wear to work  most of the time.

IMGP2955 IMGP2958 IMGP2954


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