Blanket squares 45 – 54


I’ve been  working swatches   from ‘Charted Knitting Designs’ again for the Walker Treasury Project 🙂 I’ve posted 10 new ones so far:
Spliced Oval Spliced Oval

Double texture cable Double Texture Cable

Embossed heart Embossed Heart

Braid X Braid X

locked square cable Locked Square Cable

Front-Cross Gnarled Cable Front-Cross Gnarled Cable

Back-Cross gnarled cable Back-Cross Gnarled Cable

gnarled wave cable Gnarled Wave Cable

Reverse Gnarled wave cable Reverse Gnarled Wave Cable

Slip cross cable with bobbles Slip Cross Cable with Bobbles

I’ve finished working another 14 or so. I just need to photograph/measure/post them.

Have also started a pair of socks for my gran, admittedly with some trepidation. She has this tendency to look at a gift then put it back in the wrapping paper and ‘keep it for best’. This means of course that the things folk buy her never get used.  Am hoping that a handmade gift will experience a better fate!


2 thoughts on “Blanket squares 45 – 54

  1. Zef,
    All I can say is (1) I hope that you never tire of ‘yellow’ knitting and (2) I hope that your ‘blanket’ will be king-size so that you never stop knitting and publishing Walker squares. Your work is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your skills.

    Ruth Altheim aka digibabe on ravelry and flickr

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